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  • Line 6 Helix Controller


    Line 6 Helix Controller


    Helix Control helixcertifieddealerbadge.jpg



    Floor-Based Controller for Helix Rack Guitar Processor



    Speed up your editing with the optional Helix Control



    HelixTM Rack can be controlled by almost any MIDI-capable device, but adding Helix Control gives you the same functionality as the floor based Helix, opening up a new world of creativity. With Helix Control connected over a single cable, Rack users can select a block for editing by touching a footswitch, create custom labels for the scribble strips, connect up to three expression pedals, and edit parameters hands-free for the first time using Pedal Edit Mode.


    Helix Control - Floor-Based Controller for Helix Rack Guitar Processor


    • Sturdy metal chassis cuts weight and takes up less floor space
    • Touch-sensitive footswitches with LED rings & custom scribble strip displays
    • 3 expression pedal inputs allow maximum foot pedal customizability
    • Single cable connection provides data and power




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