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  • Taylor 618CE Florentine Cutaway Ser# 1108316116


    The new Taylor 600 series has been enhanced with new design features to bring their historically bright tone into a richer, warmer, and more complex voice. For the new 618ce, Taylor has updated the Sitka Spruce Top by using torrefaction, a roasting process that offers better resonance and responsiveness and provides a slightly darker, Cedar-like complexion. A new customized bracing scheme utilizing Adirondack Spruce brings out some new dimensions which produce enhanced warmth, balance, and sustain, while the Maple-specific bracing profile for the backs enhance responsiveness. Cosmetically, this 618ce offers a special hand-rubbed Brown Sugar stain giving it a rich, vintage look without adding extra thickness to the finish. The Abalone rosette is edge with Ebony, and is beautifully complemented by an exclusive Striped Ebony pickguard. Another great feature is the use of protein glues for the bracing and bridge, which optimizes the sound transfer between powertrain components. A behind the saddle piezo pickup design with Expression System 2 pickup results in an amplified acoustic tone that’s simple to use, just plug and play!

    Body Shape

    The newest shape to join the Taylor family unleashes the boldest, richest voice available in a Taylor guitar. Just as the Grand Symphony yields a deeper, more powerful voice than the Grand Auditorium, the Grand Orchestra stands out as a more robust alternative to the Grand Symphony. The GO shape features a slightly bigger footprint and a deeper body, which helps produce a potent low-end response. Under the hood, a new bracing scheme optimizes the movement of the soundboard to produce louder, more complex tone with incredible sustain. What separates the Grand Orchestra from other big-bodied guitars is how balanced the tone is from top to bottom, especially given its brawny bass. And unlike other big-body guitars that require an aggressive attack to get the top moving, the GO is responsive to a light touch, rewarding players who have a dynamic playing style. If you crave a guitar sound that’s brimming with power and rich detail, the Grand Orchestra won’t disappoint. From big cowboy chords to lush fingerstyle arrangements, the Grand Orchestra might be the most expressive and versatile big guitar you ever play.

    Top Wood

    Sitka Spruce

    Origin: Northwestern North America (Coastal Rainforests of Alaska and Canada)

    As a guitar soundboard, or top, Sitka spruce is the tonewood standard of the modern era. It’s used on 85-90 percent of the guitars that Taylor makes. Its combination of strength and elasticity translates into a broad dynamic range, yielding crisp articulation and allowing for everything from aggressive strumming and flatpicking to fingerpicking. Sitka spruce is Bob Taylor’s personal favorite for an all-around great guitar.

    Goes Well With: All styles of guitars and players.

    Body Wood


    Origin: Pacific Northwest

    Traditionally known for having a focused tone with a fast note decay that cuts through a mix, our maple guitars were revoiced for 2015 to produce greater warmth, complexity, volume, sustain and responsiveness, while retaining maple’s naturally clear, linear qualities. The clarity of the high end is still there, but the bottom end has been extended. The result is a more multi-dimensional sound that gives players the kind of musical versatility of other classic tonewoods, making our maple models a compelling choice as a primary guitar, not just a stage guitar. Our maple guitars are voiced to be very reflective of the player’s technique, so a player with a dynamic playing style or someone who likes to vary their picking attack will appreciate how easily those playing nuances come through in the tonal response.

    Goes Well With: Most playing applications. Taylor’s revoiced maple guitars respond well to a variety of playing styles and settings.


    Scale Length - 25-1/2"

    Nut & Saddle - Tusq Nut/Micarta Saddle

    Bracing - Grand Orchestra Bracing
    Truss Rod Cover - Ebony
    Pickguard - Striped Ebony
    Number of Frets - 20
    Tuners - Taylor Nickel
    Case - Taylor Deluxe Hardshell Brown
    Brand of Strings - Elixir Phosphor Bronze Medium
    Binding - Ebony
    Top Finish - Gloss 3.5
    Back Config - 2-piece No Wedge
    Backstrap Finish - Gloss
    Rosette Size - 2014 800 Series
    Bridge Inlay - None
    Back/Side Finish - Gloss 3.5
    Armrest Binding - None
    Backstrap Wood - Ebony with Inlay
    Rosette Mat. - Ebony/Ivoroid/Abalone
    Stain/Sunburst - Brown Sugar
    Wedge - None
    Neck Width - 1-3/4"
    Fretboard Inlay - Ivoroid Wings
    Fretboard Binding - Ebony
    Heel Cap Binding - Ebony
    Type of Neck Joint - Scarf
    Neck/Heel - Hard Rock Maple
    Fretboard Wood - Ebony
    Neck Finish - Satin
    Heel Length - 3-7/8
    Peghead Finish - Gloss
    Peghead Binding - Ebony
    Peghead Type - Standard
    Peghead Purfling - None
    Headstock Overlay - Ebony
    Peghead Inlay - None
    Peghead Logo - Taylor Mother of Pearl
    Bridge Pins - Ebony
    Buttons - Nickel
    Fingerboard Ext - None
    Edge Trim - None


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