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  • Used Gittler Armed Forces Special Edition


    A rare opportunity to own one of the more unique guitar designs available today, this Gittler Guitar is lightly used but shows no signs of wear.  The instrument itself is in mint condition, and the previous owner ordered this one in the Armed Forces Special Edition finish and with the upgraded custom carbon fiber case, which has a few small scuffs. 

    Gittler Guitars were created in the 1970's by Allan Gittler and represent a completely new, minimalist approach to guitar building.  Despite having gained popularity, thanks in large part to Andy Summers of The Police having played one in the band's Synchronicity II video, today you are more likely to see one firsthand in a museum, such as the Museum of Modern Art, than in someone's home.

    For more information about the Gittler design, please visit:


    This Special Armed Forces Edition is equipped with Tiodize Type 2 Weapons Grade Finish and striking Green LED fret markers.


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